10L Chlorine Container

10L Chlorine Container
10 LT chlorine container
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10L Chlorine Container

This standard issue 10 LT Chlorine Container includes a red cap for sealing, and features a splash free design. It is intended to be filled with sodium hypo chloride, which contains 12% liquid bleach. It is a fast and effective disinfectant for your swimming pool and spa. Chlorine can be used daily, weekly or for a strong shock treatment. Refer to your own pool owner’s manual for proper maintenance information. Every pool is different and may need to be cared for and disinfected in a different manner. These containers are designed to hold chlorine during transportation and storage. Each container comes from the factory sealed air tight to help avoid any liquid from leaking out. The containers have two openings the larger end is used for filling and pouring into your pool and the small end is used to help allow air flow through the container allowing for a cleaner, less messy pour.

10 LT Chlorine Container Notice:

A 10 Litre Liquid Chlorine Container Replacement Cap (red in colour and 60mm thick), is also available should the included cap break or get lost.