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 Your Boldt Pools & Spas Update - The High Demand & Longer Wait Times In The Pool & Leisure Industry

Since the Global pandemic has begun, individuals and families have been forced to find new ways to seek relaxation and solace within their own spaces. Ultimately, we have seen many homeowners investing a whole lot of time, money and energy into revitalizing their homes and backyards.

For more than a year now, swimming pools and other leisure products, such as hot tubs, patio furniture and pool supplies, have been at record-breaking demand. Whether you are creating an entirely new backyard oasis, or are simply upgrading the one you have, response times, installation and product availability have become delayed more than ever before.

The reality is, this unprecedented market demand has put a strain on the supply chain for many pool and leisure manufacturers. We have outlined some of the goods that continue to face shortages and delays below.


 Swimming Pools – Inground & Above Ground

Although the number of new pool owners has drastically increased, the labour force required to fulfill the increased demand has not. Our installation crews are operating at capacity and are on a work schedule of 6-7 days a week in an attempt to reduce leads times however, we continue to experience longer installation lead times than we normally experience.

The Boldt sales team, who provide the information, pricing and scheduling for our pools are finding it difficult to maintain an acceptable response time. Traditionally, we respond to inquiries in the queue by phone, email, online or text within a 24-hour period. We are taking longer than we’d like to get back to you and are making every attempt to reduce these response times. This does not mean that we do not want to connect with you, we’re just taking longer to do it. We are excited as ever to work with you on your new projects, and will connect with you as soon as we are able to. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to reduce our response time.


 The Products Most Affected

Just as our demand for chemicals and pool and hot tub supplies have reached an all-time high, factories have shut down; some due to illness, others because of government lockdowns and some even due to Mother Nature. Ultimately, this has caused a ricochet effect and even now, over a year later we are still experiencing significant delays in various sectors of the industry.


 Major Delays Include & Shortages Include:

✓Swimming Pool Liners/Safety Covers – Vendors are taking 45+ days to manufacture a liner. Well above their normal lead times. The supply of aboveground liners has been severely reduced as manufacturers have chosen to halt production of certain sizes to be able to focus on alternative higher volume products. We strongly suggest you place your liner/safety cover order ASAP to ensure you receive it for this season.

✓ Step Ladders & Plastics – Despite having the most proactive purchasing team, we still receive daily delays and notifications on orders placed up to 10 months ago. The manufacturers are still struggling with sourcing raw materials and scheduling of production time due to COVID restrictions.

✓ Hot Tub Covers – Due to a huge spike in the sale of new hot tubs compounded by material shortages, manufacturing times have been pushed out. Currently, the average wait time for a replacement hot tub cover is sitting at 10-15 weeks.

✓ White Goods & Plumbing Materials– Earlier this year we saw a number of shortages on replacement skimmers, hoses, faceplates and skimmer baskets. Some of these key pool items are starting to trickle back into stock, but we still have major delays from production manufacturers in these areas.

As mentioned earlier, Mother Nature has played a role in delays as well. Earlier this year, extreme cold fronts, specifically in Texas and the resultant massive power outages, created significant damage within resin and petrochemical plants forcing the shutdowns of these resin and petrochemical facilities. This has directly affected the pool industry as these facilities produce the raw materials required for numerous products that we handle, (liners, hot tubs, plumbing, circulation, filtration products to name a few). In general, if it has a resin component it was affected!


 Fear Not – These Are The Products That Are OK!

Fortunately, not all of our stock and supply has been experiencing delays. If you are looking for chemicals to properly maintain your pools this summer we expect to continue to have an adequate supply of the key products referenced below:

✓ Oxidizer - Despite having stock issues earlier this year, many Oxidizer products are returning back to shelves.

✓ Chlorine Pucks – We have a good supply of stabilized chlorine pucks available for the rest of the season. The massive fire of one of the largest chlorine producers, earlier this year, had little effect on us as we had plenty of stock on hand.

✓ All other specialty chemicals are in stock and available.


 Hot Tubs & Patio Furniture

If you weren’t looking for a pool, but you still wanted the perfect spot to relax in and kick back, you likely inquired about a hot tub or patio furniture. The demand for patio furniture and hot tubs also experienced a huge spike the past couple of seasons!


 Hot Tubs

The Hot Tub and Swim Spa industry has seen high demand over the duration of the pandemic. Depending on the model you choose, you could receive a hot tub in as little as a few weeks. Other models however, are delayed until approximately November/December of this year; but luckily this still provides you with more than enough time to fully experience and enjoy the winter hot tub season. Remember you’ll be enjoying your hot tub for decades to come!

Swim Spas have seen a longer wait time. These universal swim machines provide you with the opportunity to swim all year. If you order yours today, you are looking at a Spring/Summer of 2022 delivery. However, please do not delay your purchase of a swim spa, as these wonderful systems are well worth the wait.


 Patio Furniture

Our patio furniture continues to be in very good supply however our stock is limited. We have already seen a few more of our popular collections sell out in record speed. Overall, we have new collections arriving almost every week and with the lockdown protocols lifting, we have a beautiful local showroom that can provide a number of high quality and in stock options - while supplies last.


 Where We Go From Here:

Despite all of these challenges, the entire Boldt Pools & Spas team is doing our very best to make this an enjoyable season for all of our customers. We hate to see families and individuals waiting for products, services or even a return phone call. We promise that our team members are working very diligently to ensure that you get the answers and items you are looking for.

As a local, Canadian-owned and operated company we are here for all of our customers and greatly appreciate your unwavering patience during this time. We understand how difficult this pandemic has made the simplest of things, and we want you to know that we will continue to adapt daily and show our commitment to you with the utmost optimism and appreciation.

We look forward to now greeting each of you face-to-face, by phone, email or whichever form of communication that you prefer. We are here for you and want to help make your backyard space, cottage dock, front porch or balcony the most enjoyable spot for you and your family this year.

We are sincerely grateful for your continued understanding, patience and support.

The Boldt Pools & Spas Team


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