8′ Four-Tread Straight Sit N’ Step

Steps and Ladders

8' Four-Tread Straight Sit N' Step

The 8’ Four-Tread Straight Sit N’ Step provides you with ample room to enter and exit your pool while also providing the unique opportunity to utilize your steps as a sitting area within the pool. Latham’s Thermoplastic Steps and Ladders are constructed with three key features in mind to maximize strength and durability. 1. Steps/Ladders are one solid sheet of coextruded Luran with an ABS substrate from BASF resulting in a product that won’t delaminate, splinter, corrode, or puncture. 2. Safety first with raised, slip-resistant treads for easy entry and exit. 3. Weatherable polymers enables Latham steps to withstand the stress of frost and back fill saturation. In every Latham Step or Ladder you’ll find strength, durability, design, and safety at the forefront.


  • 4 Slip-resistant treads
  • Height: 42″
  • Colours: White, Grey Granite, Blue Granite, Solid Grey (Pioneer Exclusive)

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