9lb Off Line Bromine Feeder

Automatic Chemical Feeders

9lb. Off Line Bromine Feeder

Hayward 9lb Off Line Bromine feeders are ideal for new and existing pools and work automatically with the system’s recirculation pump. Efficient and maintenance-free, these feeders provide a durable and corrosion-proof means of automatically maintaining proper santizer levels. All tablets are comprised with a certain amount of binding materials. (Binders are used to convert the chemical into a tablet format). Using the purest form of chlorine/bromine will ensure less build up inside the chlorinator/brominator and extend the life of your vessel. Consult your local Pioneer Family Pools Retail Store for chlorine/bromine options.


  • Uses large or small slow dissolve tablets or sticks
  • Dial control valve lets you control and adjust the rate of feed.
  • Easy-Lok™ threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks.
  • Unique finger release catch.
  • Simple installation for do-it-yourselfers

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