Aqua Lamp Spectrum LED Light

Pool Lighting

Aqua Lamp Spectrum LED Pool Light

Aqua Lamp Spectrum LED Light; Bringing a Variety of Colour to your Backyard Oasis!

The Aqua Lamp Spectrum is the newest Multi-Coloured LED underwater pool light. Offers super-bright and super-colour options. This Canadian designed product is one of the easiest, and most efficient pool lights on the market. It’s easy design allows for no added service and easy installation. No more lowering water levels to get to the light, deck boxes, or tools.
This light can be retrofitted to most existing fiber optic light installations. The 3” light emits a beam of that transitions through a variety of stunning colours. Included is an Aqua Lamp remote control system that allows you to change the lighting from within the pool, shed, or house. This pool light can be set to a strobe, flash, or colour select setting depending on your swimming mood.


  • Easy Installation and service; No tools required
  • Retrofits most existing fiber optics
  • No need to lower water levels
  • Canadian designed, assembled, and tested
  • Remote Control Included
  • 2 Year Warranty

Colour Options:
Colour Select – choose either White, Blue, Green, Pink, or Turquoise
Transition – all colours transition
Blue/Green – transitions from blue to green
Flash – strobe of all the colours

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