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Aqua Stab Tabs 2 Kg


Stabilize The Chlorine In Your Pool With Ease With Aqua Stab Tabs!

Aqua Stab Tabs 2 Kg is an easy to use stabilizer in tablet form, also known as Cyanuric Acid, that is used for stabilizing chlorine in swimming pools. This top notch stabilizer protects and stabilizes your chlorine from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. In addition, it extends effective disinfection time for convenient stabilizing in swimming pools.

Aqua Stab Tabs can also be used with salt water pools.


  • Stabilizes chlorine in pools
  • Protects chlorine from UV rays
  • Extends disinfection time
  • Can be used in salt water pools

Available Sizes:

  • 2 Kg
  • 1.75 Kg
  • 800 G
Aqua Stab Tabs 2 Kg

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