Atom EMV Inground Pool Light

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Atom EMV Inground Pool Light; Modernize your Traditional Lights this Season!

The Atom EMV Inground Pool Light will be the perfect addition to complete your inground pool. This elegant light features a recessed design that protrudes only 34mm into your pool for minimal projection and a more seamless pool wall design. Compared to the traditional 100 watt halogen light, the Atom EMV uses roughly 90% less energy making it less harmful to the environment and your wallet.
With the patented ‘Click-Fit’ bayonet locking system you won’t have to worry about fixing screws making it easier to install and work with in the future. DuoSink and PulseWave technologies provide maximum brightness with the lowest power consumption on the market today.


  • Multi-purpose multicoloured light
  • High intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology
  • 100 ft. cable
  • Voltage: 12V AC
  • Available in White, Blue, or Multi-Colour (RGB)
  • 1 Year Warranty
Spa Electrics Atom EMV Inground Pool Light

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