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Big Blue Winter Blower

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The Big Blue Winter Blower Makes Winterizing Your Pool So Easy!

The Big Blue Winter Blower will give you a professional touch this fall when you close your pool! This unit is strong enough to blow out main drains and your swimming pool return lines in just seconds. The familiar “no-frills” design is given an upgraded Ametek motor ensuring that Big Blue will get the job done.

It delivers 670 W of power and is approved for use with Winter Duck Plugs and can also double as a liner vac for liner installations. The Big Blue Blower is an essential tool to provide increasingly popular “no drain” winterizations, where the water level is kept above the return fittings. Blower fitting accepts standard 1 1/2″ inch vacuum hose with a locking pin and also includes an adaptor for 1 1/2″ inch pipe.


  • Strong enough to blow out main drains & return lines
  • Upgraded ametek motor
  • Delivers 670 watts of power
  • Doubles as a liner vac for installations
  • “No drain” winterizations
  • Blower fitting- standard 1 1/2″ Vac Hose
Big Blue Winter Blower

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