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Blue Chlorinator Dispenser & Thermometer

Pool Thermometers

The Blue Chlorinator Dispenser & Thermometer Is A Handy 2-In-1 Pool Must Have!

Keep track of your pool’s temperature while also chlorinating the water! This 2-in-1 chlorine dispenser and thermometer slowly releases chlorine in to the water as it floats around the surface. The Blue Chlorinator Dispenser & Thermometer includes an adjustable control knob to increase and decrease the rate of chlorine release.

You will love the Blue Chlorinator Dispenser & Thermometer’s electric blue colour!


  • Provides easy and simple pool maintenance
  • Set up your dispenser with your choice of tabs (up to 3 inches)
  • Works with both chlorine and bromine tablets
Blue Chlorinator Dispenser & Thermometer



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