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Coop Hydro Wake Breaker Disc


How Far Can You Throw The Coop Hydro Wake Breaker Disc?

The Coop Hydro Wake Breaker Disc is a flying disc that skips across the water for up to 60 feet! It’s innovative aerodynamic design, with bright colours and soft foam, makes it great for gameplay. The soft foam allows the Wake Breaker Disc to float on the water for easy retrieval. The Coop Hydro Wake Breaker Disc is the perfect water toy for entertaining kids and adults of all ages at pool parties, on beach vacations, or any given day for outdoor fun!

Note: Discs are sold separately, and colours and styles may vary.


  • Dimensions: 7″ in diameter
  • Material- soft foam disc
  • Skips across up to 60′ on water
  • Floats on water for easy retrieval
  • Bright, vibrant colours making it easy to see & catch
  • Perfect for the pool, parties, beach, or everyday fun!
  • Suitable for Ages 5 +
Hydro Wake Breaker Coop Pioneer Family Pools


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