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Coop Hydro Whistle Dart

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You’ll Throw A Perfect Spiral Every Time With The Coop Hydro Whistle Dart!

Anyone can throw a perfect spiral with the Coop Hydro Whistle Dart Football. The all-weather durable ball with a go-further tail makes a great addition to any pool or beach trip, and it whistles as it flies through the air, keeping kids entertained.

The special foam tail on the Coop Hydro Whistle Dart Football self-corrects not-so-perfect throws for awesome spirals virtually every time.


  • Travels up to 150′ when thrown
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Whistles as it flies
  • Foam tail corrects not-so-perfect spirals
  • All-weather, durable ball
  • Great for the pool or the beach
Coop Hydro Whistle Dart

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