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Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Covers & Lifters

The Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover Is State-Of-The-Art!

The Oasis is the state-of-the-art automatic hot tub cover that provides easy access to your spa anytime in as little as 20 seconds. A simple turn of the key allows the Oasis Covana cover to raise, and once it reaches maximum height, transforms from a cover, to a spa gazebo. When closed the Oasis acts as a locked safety mechanism that stays sealed in place until you’re ready to use it again. Keep dirt, debris, and leaves out of the hot tub, while you also save on energy, water, and maintenance costs by keeping the heat and water within the tub where it belongs. With the ability to hold up to 600 lbs. on top of the cover, you can rest assured that this all-in-one cover is able to withstand our harsh Canadian winters.


  • Available in two styles: Darling and Shingles (see Gallery below)
  • Locks to prevent intruders
  • Optional shades for privacy, seclusion and protection from the elements
  • Easy to use with the turn of a key
  • Completely seals to save on water, energy, and maintenance products
  • Ability to withstand 600 lbs. (perfect for snow)
  • Doesn’t obstruct view – closes neatly to keep your backyard line of sight
  • Contact for sizing
Covana Oasis Hot Tub Cover

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