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EcoStar Variable Speed Pump

Inground Pool Pumps

Go Green With Hayward’s EcoStar Variable Speed Pump!

The Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pump is the most efficient pump. At any speed this pump can save pool owners up to 90% on energy costs over a single-speed pump. EcoStar matches pump flow to a pool’s needs. Instead of running at full power 100% of the time, it is suitable for both new construction and the aftermarket.

Traditional pumps run at the same speed, which over time will burn the pump out faster. A variable speed pump will run at a slower speed when it is not needed and adjust to a higher speed when vacuuming or helping to disperse chemicals. Overall this will help save you time and money.


  • Super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor, and industry leading hydraulic design
  • Service mode allows technicians to clean pools quicker
  • Title 20 compliant pump
  • Multi-position interface can be repositioned so it’s accessible from any direction, or it can be mounted to the wall
  • Suitable for any size inground pool, or pool/spa combinations
  • Ideal for water features
  • Fully programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speed and timer functions
  • Can be controlled by Hayward or third party pool and spa control platforms, without the need for additional accessories

This model is supported by a 1-year Warranty 

EcoStar Variable Speed Pump


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