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Evafloat Foam Mattress

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The Evafloat Foam Mattress Conforms To Your Body For Extra Comfort!

Take the premium Swimline EvaFloat Foam Mattress to the pool or on your next beach or lake vacation. This floating Foam Mattress comes with its own drawstring bag to carry your rolled up full-length textured lounger. The non-stick vinyl-on-foam construction conforms to your body’s contours, and the rolled headrest provides ultra comfort.

It’s 70 inches by 27.5 inches in size and 1.75 inches in height, which gives users lots of relaxation space.

The Evafloat Foam Mattress is the perfect selection if you would like a comfortable, buoyant lounge chair that lasts. The best part about foam is that there is no need to inflate and deflate it each pool season! Simply wipe it, store it and it will be ready to go next swimming season.

This product includes a 30 day warranty. 



Evafloat Foam Mattress

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