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Thanks To Endless Pools & Fit@Home™, Achieving Your Fitness Goals Is Easier!

Endless Pools is excited to introduce the Fit@Home™ controller! This app allows you to control your Endless Pool using any smart device, acting as a smart display allowing you to see your swim speed and duration while in the pool. Easily set the pace and duration of the swim current, underwater treadmill or both!

With the Fit@Home™ app, users can easily program a swim and/or run using Manual Control Mode. Swimmers can also monitor their workouts with the easy-to-read Display Mode and create and save more advanced workouts with custom time and pace intervals. The Endless Video Guides have been designed to help you with basic functionality, including Setup, Swim Current, Treadmill, and Workout modes.

In addition, this app also features fitness guide videos that feature renowned fitness coach Alex Isaly guiding you through an easy-to-follow exercise that uses the Endless Pools swim current for a low-impact, yet highly effective, workout. You’d never know how hard water’s natural resistance and buoyancy can work for you and your fitness goals, until now. Fit@Home™ is focusing on the upper body, lower body and core. Control your spa, it’s current and more with this convenient all-in-one controller.

Fit @ Home

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