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AG Fencing Add-On Kit B

Pool Safety

The AG Fencing Add-On Kit B Gives Your Family Protection!

With the Above Ground Pool Fencing Add-On Kit B, you’ll be able to provide your friends and family with an additional sense of security while they’re swimming, as well as just being in your backyard. This modular fence is constructed of lightweight and incredibly durable resin that is put together easily and efficiently with pre-designated spaces for poles to fit. This DIY fence works to keep your pool floats, and toys inside the pool, while also making it difficult for anyone or anything unwanted to get in.


  • 3 section add-ons
  • Expands Base Kit A by 3 sections

The number of fence sections on a pool vary by pool size, shape and manufacturer as well as decks, ladders and other forms of entrance systems to the pool. One fence section covers one pool top seat/top rail, or the distance between two pool uprights.

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AG Fencing Add-On Kit B

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