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Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Cleaner

The Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Cleaner Maintains Constant Power!

While other cleaners may lose suction, resulting in more work, the Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Cleaner maintains constant power at all times. The AquaVac 600’s 18 hydrocyclones form a swirling spiral of suction, creating more than enough strength to pick up even the most troublesome dirt and debris.

Not only does the Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Cleaner keep a pool spotless, it’s cleanup is simple. To remove debris, simply squeeze the quick-release latch and watch the canister rinse and empty itself.


  • Advanced light display options
  • Spintech filterless technology creates a powerful, swirling spiral of suction
  • HexaDrive adaptive traction expertly climbs and thoroughly scrubs
  • TouchFree debris canister gets rid of the mess with the simple press of a button


Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Cleaner


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