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Hurricane Solar Reel

Solar Covers and Reels

Hurricane Solar Reels Help You Easily Cover & Uncover the Pool!

The GLI Hurricane Solar Reel System is manufactured from high-quality, commercial grade structural aluminum. This combination makes for the easiest and most durable reel system to help roll up your solar blanket. The GLI Hurricane is engineered with sealed, high-strength nylon bearings for effortless one-person operation.
Base kit includes all straps and required hardware for attaching the solar blanket. Optional locking casters are available for easy roll away storage. Super strong anodized aluminum tube kits are pre-drilled for easy installation, and assembly comes available in a variety of different sizes for the various pool types. The appropriate tube kit must be purchased separately. It is recommended to use a 4″ tube kit for pools that are 600 square feet and larger, or when using thicker mil solar blankets (10 or 12 mil).

Manufacturer’s Part Numbers 550000HUBK / 551603IGTK, 550000HUBK/ 552003IGTK


  • Available sizes: 16′ and 20′
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Engineered with high-strength nylon bearings
  • One person operation
  • Available with optional locking casters – easy roll away storage
  • Includes all straps and required hardware
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum tube kit
Hurricane Solar Reel

Please note: Contact stores for purchase information.

ACC-550000HUBK / ACC-551603IGTK (16FT)
ACC-550000HUBK/ ACC- 552003IGTK ( 20FT)
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