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Inflatable Spa Pillow


Inflatable Spa Pillow; Taking Comfort To The Next Level!

The inflatable spa pillow will take your hot tub experience from great to incredible. This comfortable inflatable is wrapped in a quality suede material that provides additional comfort to your head and neck. Unlike other spa pillows that float around and become a nuisance, this inflatable delight features dual suction points to anchor it to the edge of your hot tub.

Another bonus is the ability to inflate to your liking whether you enjoy a nice firm cushion or one with some give to it. Measuring approximately 7″ x 6″, you’re sure to find pure bliss with this soft and comfortable pillow.


  • Quality suede material
  • Dual suction cups easily attach to most surfaces
  • Easily inflates and deflates – customize your firmness and size
  • Ideal for all hot tubs, whirlpools, etc.
  • Sold individually
Inflatable Spa Pillow

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