Inground Solar Reel

Solar Covers and Reels

Feherguard Inground Solar Reel FGS18 FGS20

The Feherguard Solar Guard Inground Solar Reel is available in 18′ 6″ or 20′ 6″ mill. The wheel reel system features large 20″ (51 cm) wheels that easily roll over virtually any surface. These specially designed wheels make moving the reel system away from the pool effortless. Each end is fitted with a handle so winding the solar blanket may be done from either side of the pool. Rolls on any surface thanks to the large and durable wheels. Wide track bearings provide easy blanket handling so there’s no more stress when it’s time to roll the cover on or off.

Quality is a major focus at Feherguard. From their patented Rib-Locking Tube System, to their rarely used ‘No Hassle’ Warranty, they strive to provide their customers with simply one thing: ‘A Reel System that Exceeds Expectations.’

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