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JE Air Energy Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

The Jandy JE Air Energy Heat Pump Will Maintain Your Pool Temperature 24/7!

Jandy JE Air Energy Heat Pumps are the most efficient, trouble free swimming pool heat pumps available in the pool heating industry. Jandy Air Energy Heat Pumps simply take heat from the air and transfer it to the water. This makes the heating process clean, efficient, ecologically safe, and most of all, cost effective. The Jandy Air Energy Heat Pump allows you to save money, enjoy a hassle free summer, and have a warm and inviting pool to return home to any day of the year.


  • Extremely efficient, features a premium titanium heat exchanger
  • Easy-to-operate controls and system
  • Digital control to enable self diagnostics, multilingual capability, and an auto-heat feature
  • Ecologically safe; providing a clean, efficient heating process

Available Sizes:

  • 80,000 BTU – 33″ H x 39″ W x 34″ D
  • 112,000 BTU – 36″ H x 43″ W x 40″ D
  • 120,000 BTU – 36″ H x 43″ W x 40″ D
  • 132,000 BTU – 36″ H x 43″ W x 44″ D


  • Your heater must be installed by a Licensed Gas Technician in order to be eligible for Warranty
  • You will need to buy the same size heater as the one you already have, or smaller! Failing to do so can result in your plumbing and gas lines not working properly
  • Please consider your concrete pad size! Many heaters get bigger with a larger BTU size, therefore, your concrete pad will need to be bigger and your plumbing requirements will change
JE Air Energy Heat Pump

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