Leaf Nets


Tired of removing heavy, smelly and decaying leaves from your pool cover each spring? A leaf net is the answer. Simply lay the leaf net on top of your winter cover before the leaves fall, and afterwards simply pull it off of the top of the pool cover. No more dredging leaves, sticks and acorns from your pool cover. Spring clean up of your pool cover is much easier, as all debris comes off of your pool cover in one simple motion.

Lay the Leaf Net over your Winter Cover before leaves begin to fall. Then peel off the leaf catcher in early November, and your Winter Cover will be virtually free of leaves come spring. No more messy, decaying leaves submerged on your cover. Made of Heavy Duty Mesh, the leaf net catches leaves while allowing the water to pass through to the pool cover!

** Please Note: Warranty is Pro-Rated **

Leaf Net Size Chart

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