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5′ Leaf Skimmer With Pole

Leaf Skimmers

Let This 5′ Leaf Skimmer With Pole Keep Your Pool Clean!

Perfect for spring and fall, and ideal for those backyards with plenty of trees. This leaf skimmer helps to get those pesky leaves out of your pool without a hassle. The aluminum telescopic pole that mounts the leaf skimmer, will take away the stress of cleaning the center and edges of the pool. Reach those deep corners and hard to reach areas without a problem this summer. The detachable leaf catcher can be replaced with other snap on heads to help with vacuuming or the brushing of your walls.


  • Lightweight, easy-to-use and store
  • Detachable skimmer net, for alternative attachments
  • Ideal for backyards with heavy trees
5′ Leaf Skimmer With Pole

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