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Maytronics Encore Robotic Vacuum

Robotic Vacuums

Maytronics Encore Robotic Vacuums Intelligently Navigate To Clean Pools!

The Maytronics Encore Robotic Vacuum runs a complete cleaning cycle in 2 hours time; it will climb walls and scrub the walls and floor of your swimming pool with ease. At only 13.8 lbs, the ergonomic design and lift handle make it easy for you to pull the vacuum out of the water.

The Encore Robotic Vacuum’s collection basket is hidden under the lid, simply open the lid to expose the collection basket. Lift out and rinse after each use for best performance. Equipped with an intelligent Navigation system, the Dolphin Encore can remain underwater, having a clear view of all obstacles, easily maneuvering around them. This feature keeps your system free from becoming trapped as it cleans.

This model is supported by a 2 year warranty.


  • Active brush technology for surface cleaning
  • Swift, energy-efficient 2 hour cleaning cycles
  • Ideal for Above Ground pools or Onground pools up to 35ft. long
  • Easy-clean large capacity net baskets
  • Weight- 13.8 lbs
  • One-button operation
Maytronics Encore Robotic Vacuum

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