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Storage Bench

Storage Bench Collection

The Storage Bench Is Trendy & Useful!

Hide your extra pillows, blankets, or anything else you don’t want left out with the elegant and convenient Storage Bench. This beautiful resin wicker wrapped storage bench allows you to hide those unwanted items on a moments notice with the easy to use flip open lid. A restraint leash ensures that the lid doesn’t completely open, while the dual exterior handles let you move this unit with ease. The plastic interior ensures that nothing will rust and ruin your items while also keeping them safe from bad weather.


  • Available in 3 colours: Black, Brown and Grey
  • Perfect for storing pillows, blankets or other large items
  • Dimensions: 58″ H x 33″ D x 29″ W
  • Resin wicker wrapped
  • Dual exterior handles
  • Plastic interior
Storage Bench



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