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Westport Windscreens

Art of Fire Collection

Guard Your Fires With Windscreens!

As the perfect solution to keeping your fire guarded and debris away from your face, these tempered glass windscreens offer the best of both worlds! Divert the wind from interfering with your beautiful fire, while protecting yourself and any young bodies from flying fire sparks without obstructing your view.

These windscreens are made from clear, tempered glass pieces and mount directly into eight aluminum clips. It’s construction and build make them easy enough to assemble on windy days, and to dismantle and store when they are not needed. These strong, durable glass screens are 5″ high, making them the ideal size for keeping your fire in tact while allowing you and your guests to still feel the heat. Match up your square or rectangle fire pit with this wonderful accessory and keep your fire blazing for as long as you desire!


  • Made for Rectangle and Square Fire Pit Tables
  • Stainless steel mounting clips
  • Tempered glass
  • Some assembly required
  • 23.5″ x 23.5″ square

Please note that these windscreens are compatible with the Westport, Florence & Manhattan fire pits only.

Westport Windscreens


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