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Stabilizer 900 G


Pool Stabilizer Increases Chlorine Effectiveness!

Pool Stabilizer, also chemically known as Cyanuric Acid. This chemical acts like an invisible shield, preventing the sun from dissipating chlorine from your pool. It is measured in parts per million (ppm) and it’s optimum range is between 30-50ppm. Some pools may require more or less of this chemical. This is dependent on the other chemistry elements in your water, or how much exposure to UV the pool receives.

If your Cyanuric Acid reading is too low, your chlorine stands to burn off prematurely. If your reading is too high, you can risk getting into ‘chlorine lock.’ This is when the chlorine in your water is rendered ineffective. Stabilizer comes in a few different forms: Granular, Pucks, and Liquid.

Please read all labels before adding any chemical to your pool, follow all safety instructions and consult a pool professional if you have any questions.


Stabilizer 900 G

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