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Round Solar Covers

Solar Covers and Reels

Maintain Your Pool Heat This Season With A Round Solar Blanket!

A Solar Blanket, also known as a solar cover, is one of the best ways to keep your pool water warm this summer, without constantly having to start up your heater and waste expensive hydro. For the best results, cut the cover to your pools shape so it completely cover all corners, edges, and steps.

Solar blankets are an incredible way to warm your pool water by maintaining the temperature and added heat from the sun, decreasing chemical costs by retaining the water under the cover, decreasing hydro but not having to use your heater, and extending your swimming season. As long as you have sun, you can have fun!

Our round solar covers are available in size Heavy (8 mil).

Manufacturer Part Numbers: TS4B0808, TS3B0012, TS3B0015, TS3B0018, TS3B0021, TS3B0024, TS3B0027, TS3B0030, TS3B0033, TS4SB0012, TS4SB0015, TS4SB0018, TS4SB0021, TS4SB0024, TS4SB0027, TS4SB0030, TS4SB0033

Round Solar Covers

Please note: Due to high demand and COVID-19 impact, many solar blankets are limited supply or unavailable. Please contact your local store for availability.

CodeReg Price
ACC-TS4B0808 (8FT HEAVY)$22.99
ACC-TS3B0012 ( 12FT HEAVY)$25.99
ACC-TS3B0015 (15FT HEAVY)$59.99
ACC-TS3B0018 (18FT HEAVY)$69.99
ACC-TS3B0021 (21FT HEAVY)$89
ACC-TS3B0024 (24FT HEAVY)$109.99
ACC-TS3B0027 (27FT HEAVY)$149.99
ACC-TS3B0030 ( 30FT HEAVY)$199
ACC-TS3B0033 (33FT HEAVY)$269.99

* Prices reflect curbside pickup only. Taxes extra.

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