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Serious Stain Prevent


Serious Stain Prevent Prevents Mineral Discolouration!

Serious Stain Prevent prevents staining by “locking up” mineral discolouration caused by dissolved metals, bore water and iron leaching, etc. Serious Stain Prevent works especially in heated pools where metals plate out easily onto the walls and floor.

This product contains no phosphate based acids that provide nutrients for algae. Regular use also prevents scale build up on salt chlorinator electrodes. Serious Stain Prevent is suitable for all pool types. For high metal concentrations, please use after treatment with the Serious Stain Remover to chelate excess metals.


  • Prevents mineral staining
  • Removes fresh stains
  • Easy to use

Directions For Use:

  • Add directly to the pool water every six to twelve months to complex dissolved minerals and prevent staining
Serious Stain Prevent

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