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Sharkpedo Underwater Glider

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Watch The Sharkpedo Underwater Glider Glide Up To 30 Feet!

The Sharkpedo Underwater Glider blasts through the water, flying from your hand like a rocket! This unique, super-fun pool toy torpedoes glides up to 30 feet. The Sharkpedo is easy-to-use! Simply submerge the Sharkpedo, throw it like a dart, and watch it zoom towards its target.

The Sharkpedo Underwater Glider has a tapered tail and is easy to grip, grab, and toss.


  • Throws like a dart and swims like a shark
  • Propels underwater and glides up to 20ft
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Measures 12″ long
Sharkpedo Underwater Glider

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