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Spa Life EZ Brom


Spa Life EZ Brom Is A One-Step Bromine Application To Sanitize & Oxidize!

Spa Life EZ Brom is quick dissolving oxidation treatment. Completely soluble, this treatment provides effective Bromine sanitation. Spa Life EZ Brom promotes water clarity, and eliminates organic waste such as perspiration, body oils, cosmetics, etc. Spa Life EZ Brom is an easy to use granular form of bromine. Bromine is the recommended sanitizer for spas because it is more effective in higher bather loads and high pH ranges. The granular form gives you an instant sanitizer level so there is no waiting around to enjoy your spa. Maintain the bromine level between 3-5 ppm as recommended by Health Canada.

When using Spa Life EZ Brom please add it directly to the hot tub with the circulation system running.

Directions For Use:

  • With circulation system operating, add 6 g (approx. 1/2 tablespoon) per 1000 L directly to bather-free water. Test for available bromine and repeat above dosage every 15-20 minutes until a residual of 3-5 ppm is reached.
  • Periodic superchlorination of spa water is recommended after heavy use, or once a week, in moderately used spas to remove organic waste. Add 25 g (approx. 2 tablespoons) per 1000 L as often as required. Bathers should not enter the spa until residual reading drops to 5.0 ppm.
  • Persistent foam formation, turbid, or malodorous water are indicators of inadequate sanitizer levels. To correct such conditions, superchlorinate spa water by adding 25 g of Spa Life EZ Brom per 1000 L. Maintain circulation at least 30 minutes and wait 4 hours before using.
  • Spa Life EZ Brom contains stabilizer (cyanuric acid) which will accumulate in spa water. Keep stabilizer within the 30-100 ppm range by dilution with fresh water.
  • For proper sanitation, spa must be completely drained periodically. The number of days between complete spa drainage is equal to the volume of spa water in litres, divided by 10 times the Maximum Number of daily spa users. Refill spa with water and repeat directions for use.
  • Maximum spa water usage temperature is 40°C. Duration in spa water at 40°C should not exceed 15 minutes.
Spa Life EZ Brom

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