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Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks

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May The Force Be With You This Swimming Season!

Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks by SwimWays, magically light-up…even underwater! These lightsaber dive toys sink to the bottom of your pool, encouraging your young Jedi’s to dive in after them. Each package comes complete with 2 Dive Sticks designed to be character specific- Green for Yoda, Blue for Luke Skywalker. These Dive Sticks can help your child work on their underwater breathing skills by encouraging underwater lightsaber combat!

Note: Underwater lightsaber combat should ALWAYS be monitored by an adult, ready to dive in after a young padawan in distress.


  • Water activated light-up Star Wars Lightsaber dive sticks
  • Includes- two 6″ dive sticks: 1 green for Yoda and 1 blue for Luke Skywalker
  • Detailed Character specific hilts
  • Great for swim training practice
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Batteries included, but not replaceable
  • To prolong battery life, do not leave dive sticks in the water
  • Suitable for ages 5+
Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks

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