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Sunchaser Luxury Lounge Chair


The Sunchaser Luxury Lounge Chair Lets You Relax In Style & Comfort!

The Sunchaser Luxury Lounge Chair features dual armrests with built-in cup holders on either side, because let’s face it, is one pool pop really enough? As you enjoy your beverage you can tilt your head back and rest it on the plush headrest cushion and kick your feet up onto the cushioned leg rest. This desirable and comfortable luxury lounge chair measures 50” long and 32” wide making it the ideal spot for relaxation whether you’re tall or small.

The float is relatively light weight for when you want to throw it in for a casual soak, or transport it to your cottage or the beach.


  • Measures: 50″ L x 32″ W
  • Sunsoft fabric covering
  • Inflatable cushioned support
  • Molded pontoon frame
  • Dual built-in cup holders
Sunchaser Luxury Lounge Chair

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