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Super 1.5″ Gizzmo

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Protect Your Skimmer This Winter With The Incredible Super Gizzmo!

This seemingly simply design provides much needed support to keep your skimmer safe throughout the winter. The bottle design allows the Super 1.5″ Gizzmo to absorb the expansion of the winter freeze up that occurs within the skimmers.

For added convenience the Super Gizzmo comes with a bar style grip that allows for easy use and handling.  Simply wrap Teflon tape around the threads to add to the water tightness and thread into place. This is a one time use product that can be recycled after each use season.


  • 1.5″ thread
  • 16″ long
  • Saves your skimmer by absorbing expansion
  • Recyclable
  • *For Inground Pools Only
Super 1.5″ Gizzmo

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