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Wheel Model

Solar Covers and Reels

The Wheel Model Provides An Easy & Economical Solution For Solar Blankets!

The Feherguard Wheel Model takes the hassle out of using your solar blanket. The Wheel features a 20 inch wide design that rolls over almost any surface and docks right into your base perfectly.

Manufacturer’s Part Numbers FG1B / FGIG20, FG1B / FGL20M, FG1B / FGL18, FG1B / FGL18M, FG1B / FGL16M


  • Wheel docks into bases
  • Effortless rolling with big hand cranks
  • 20″ wide wheel
Wheel Model
CodeReg PriceSale PriceBuy
ACC-FG1B / ACC-FGL16M (16FT X 36FT Mill Finish)$275$ 247
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ACC-FG1B / ACC-FGL18 ( 18FT X 36FT Anodized)$ 295$ 265
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ACC-FG1B / ACC-FGL18M ( 18FT X 36FT Mill Finish)$ 332$ 298
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ACC-FG1B / ACC-FGL20M ( 20FT X 40FT Mill Finish)$ 342$ 307
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ACC-FG1B / ACC-FGIG20 ( 20FT X 40FT Anodized )$ 444$ 399
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