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Widemouth Skimmer Plug

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Simply Press In Your Widemouth Skimmer Plug for Protection!

The Skimmer Plug™ is the first of its kind with a patent pending. It fits OEM skimmers without any requirements to replace the original skimmer faceplate. It can also work as a replacement lid for all specialty faceplates. The Widemouth Skimmer Plug will provide a simple and easy way to winterize your aboveground, onground, or inground skimmer.


  • Easy to install; especially on wide mouth skimmers
  • 100% air-tight seal
  • Freeze and shatter-proof closed cell skimmer plug
  • Resistant to mould, mildew, and bacteria
  • Chemical, temperature, and UV resistant
  • Reusable year, after year!

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Skimmer Plug

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