Club Pro Winterizing Chemical Closing Kit

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Winterize Your Pool With Confidence Thanks To The Winterizing Chemical Kit!

The Winterizing Pool Chemical kit includes the three essential chemicals to properly close your pool including 1L of Stain & Scale, 1L of Algaecide, and 1kg of Oxidizer. Together, these chemicals work to get rid of organic matter, clean and prevent algaecide, and prevent staining and scaling over the winter. Your Pool Water must circulate for at least 8 hours prior to turning equipment off and disconnecting.

Directions For Use:

  • Test your pool water and ensure all the levels are properly balanced.
  • Empty the entire Stain & Scale bottle towards the center of the pool and allow pump to circulate for 30 minutes
  • Broadcast the Oxidizer towards the center of the pool and allow pump to circulate for 60 minutes
  • Empty the entire bottle of algaecide into center of pool as you walk around the exterior of the pool. Allow chemicals to circulate overnight


  • 1L Algaecide kills existing algae spores and prevents algae from forming
  • 1kg Oxidizer cleans pool of organic matter
  • 1L Stain & Scale protects pool surface from scaling and staining

Winterizing Instructions


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