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Zodiac LM Series Clearwater Cell

Salt Generators

Get Softer, Cleaner Water With The Zodiac LM Series Clearwater Cell!

Have silky soft water and a sparkling, natural looking swimming pool all the time – automatically with the Zodiac LM Series Clearwater Cell! The system converts salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine. The chlorine destroys bacteria and algae, and then converts back to salt to be used over and over again. Water is sanitized automatically and continuously, ensuring a constant level of chlorine in your pool, even when you are away. Put an end to red eyes, dry skin and an overpowering chlorine smell. Your pool will sparkle and feel great! When your pump is on, the Zodiac Salt Water Chlorinator is at work. With fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels, pH levels are more stable. As a result, the pool’s water is much easier to balance.


  • Unique clear cell offers easy visual inspection of the cell
  • Easy cell removal with no tools
  • One button super-chlorination feature
  • Requires only 8” of space to install

Available LM Series Cell Sizes:

Zodiac LM Series Clearwater Cell


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