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Zorbie For Pools


Choose The World Famous Zorbie Pool Water Bobble For Swimming Pools!

When properly placed in the skimmer, the Zorbie Pool Water Bobble removes contaminants right off the surface of your pool. In addition, the Zorbie also stops bacteria from dead skin, body oil, makeup and other contaminants from circulating through your pool’s circulation system. The majority of these contaminants will collect on the Zorbie, rather than on your filter!

Your Zorbie will last 30 to 90 days. Please pay attention to where they sit in your pool water. If your Zorbie begins to settle low in the water, it is ready to be replaced.

Zorbies are a unique product, made by mixing components in a proprietary formula; the components used have an innate negative electrostatic charge. Weakly bound, singly charged (monovalent) ions such as sodium and chloride are continually displaced. More highly charged, doubly charged (divalent) ions such as sulfate, ammonia or phosphate replace them, throughout the life of the Zorbie. It is ammonia that creates a growth environment for bacteria. The electrostatic charge found in Zorbies, allow them to initiate an ionic exchange process to adsorb as well as absorb.

Please do not ring out or squeeze your Zorbie.

Zorbie For Pools

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