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Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Covers

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A hot tub cover is the easiest way to maintain heat within the spa where it belongs, while you save on energy, water, and maintenance products. The tight insulated seal provided by a cover, helps to retain the heat within the spa, which means less refilling of water due to evaporation, less energy being used as the heat stays in the spa, and less chemical maintenance due to water loss. Our covers are able to fit almost any model with custom fit covers for all Hot Spring and Caldera tubs. Covers also provide additional safety by covering open water. Add a Cover Lifter to make opening and closing the cover for each use much easier.


  • Maintain heat within the tub through tight insulating seal
  • Saves you energy, water, and maintenance products
  • Fit snug on top of tub
  • Added safety
  • Custom fit models for Hot Spring and Caldera models

Available Sizes:

  • 3” to 2” tapered spa hard cover
  • 4” to 3” tapered spa hard cover
  • 5” to 3” tapered spa hard cover
  • 5” to 4” tapered spa hard cover
  • 6” to 4” tapered spa hard cover
Hot Tub Cover

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