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Pool Closing

Let the experts do the work for you

Book your pool closing to let the experts do the work for you! Our staff have the skills and knowledge to keep your products at their best all year long. Our Service Department provides a wide variety of services to ensure that your family can enjoy our products for years to come. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

Our closing services include lowering the water level, adding winterizing chemicals, winterizing equipment, removing fittings and deck equipment, and cover installation.

Note For Customers in the Etobicoke/Toronto Area: Prior to our arrival to close your pool, please be aware you must lower your own pool water to winterization level (to the bottom of your returns) due to water discharge regulations.

  • Pump down your sump well 48 hrs prior to closing
  • Vacuum & clean your pool, and remove all debris prior to your closing
  • To ensure your pool water is chemically balanced, bring in a water sample 1 week prior to closing
  • Drop-in steps & sand bags must be removed prior to closing
  • Salt cell & cartridge filters should be cleaned and stored indoors. We can clean them for you at an additional cost
  • We do not winterize solar heating systems plugs are accessible for our crew
  • *See Dealer For Details. Services may differ by location.

  • A pool cannot be closed with significant water in the sump well
  • Water left over the winter months that is not properly balanced can cause liner fading, wrinkles & staining issues
  • We are not responsible for winter covers coming out of track or loose from a water bag
  • The following services are not part of your pool closing:
    • We do not winterize solar heating systems
    • We do not remove drop-in step & sand bags
    • Vacuuming the pool is not included

*Please note: We do not open/close Intex Inflatable above ground swimming pools.


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