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Thinking About Buying An Endless Pool?

Endless Pools Swim Spas are so much more than a pool, they are an oasis for health, wellness and fitness. Swim Spas let you swim, exercise and play; and are the perfect at home fitness solution! Swim Spas provide at-home fitness and workouts 365 days a year, in all seasons. The Endless Pools swim current has helped over 20,000 swimmers of all skill levels. With the Swim Spas' excellent performance, it is no wonder why it appeals to both casual and elite-professional swimmers alike.

With Endless Pools Swim Spas, you can relax and get fit in the privacy of your own home.

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Try Out Everything When You Are Here

When you visit our store, you can try out a range of features and accessories to enhance your Swim Spa experience:

Swim Tether Perfect for refining your swimming stroke.
Aqua Bike A fun way to pedal your way to fitness in the water.
Treadmill Walk or run in the water for a low-impact workout.
Rowing Kit Get a full-body workout with our rowing kit.
Exercise Bands Add resistance training to your routine.
Swim Machine Current Experience the power of our swim current.
Covana Legend Auto Cover See how this innovative cover works.
Hydromassage Seats Enjoy a soothing massage after your workout.

Whether you want to run, swim, bike, work out, or simply relax, we've got you covered.

Try The BikeTake a spin on the water bike for calorie burning and heart health with minimal joint impact.
Massage SeatingEnjoy a soothing massage after your workout.
Go For A RunBurn as many calories as on a dry-land treadmill with minimal joint impact and less muscle soreness.
Swim the CurrentSet the water speed to the pace you want, and swim at home, 365 days of the year.
Get A Workout InTurn up the hydrotherapy jets to melt your stress away, or set the mood with the underwayer lighting.

How Does A Wet Test Work?

Curious about how a Wet Test works? Click on the video link to see it in action. It's the perfect way to experience the benefits of an Endless Pool Swim Spa firsthand.

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Explore Our Models On Display

Explore our selection of models on display at our store:

High-Performance Pools Where Athletic Excellence Meets Unmatched Power and Customization
X2000 SwimCross Exercise System Where Fun, Fitness, and Relaxation Flow Together
E550 Fitness System Expand Your Boundaries, Elevate Your Wellness
R500 RecSport System Where Family Fun Meets Aquatic Adventure

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through each model to help you find the perfect it for your needs.

E550 Fitness SystemAchieve the ultimate aquatic workout with the Hydrodrive Current System. Fitness options, from the underwater treadmill to a host of swim spa upgrades, allow you to truly make this 15' swim spa your own.
Performance PoolThe Performance Pool takes the innovation and design of the Original Endless Pool to the next level. With sizes ranging from 7' X 12' - 10' X 16', this pool is perfect for novice swimmers, casual athletes, or trained professionals.
R500 RecsportThe R500 is perfectly designed for family fun! Featuring unique centre-facing spa seating and 60"W X 114"L of recreation space near the RecSport Current System, there is room for everyone to enjoy!
X2000 SwimCross Exercise SystemThe 20', dual-temperature, X2000 SeimCross Exercise System offers the best of both worlds with its fully equipped 15' of Endless Pool Exercise System, and 5' of Hot Tub relaxation.
Swim Spa Accessories

Shop Swim Spa Accessories

Skip the gym and get fit in the privacy of your own home. With Endless Pools Swim Spa Accessories, achieving a fun, full body workout has never been easier. These accessories are sure to motivate you into wellness.

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Covana Swim Spa Cover

Covana Legend For Swim Spa

With the Covana Legend, your swim spa will be more accessible and easier to use than ever! In almost any weather condition, the cover can be retracted with the simple turn of a key and only after a few seconds, you can partake in your at-home fitness regime.

See The Covana Legend

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Ready to take the plunge into fitness and relaxation? Book your Wet Test today and experience the Endless Pools difference for yourself. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide expert guidance, and help you make the most of your wellness journey.

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Need a New Workout?

With a Swim Spa, you will enjoy the added versatility of a fitness pool. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace for a boost to your workout. For even more exercise flexibility, the swim spa accessories will surely kick things up a notch!

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