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Algaecide 40% 1 L


Liquid Algaecide Is Prevention Against All Algae Growth & Infestations!

A Liquid Algaecide is a speciality prevention chemical. Algaecides are intended for the prevention of growing of algae. Our algaecide is a liquid forumla, compatible with your other pool chemicals. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing growth or removing algae infestations. This Algaecide can be applied directly to the pool water or pre-diluted in a pail of water, before application. Customers can find this product available in a 40% concentration which is recommended for normal pool weekly maintenance.

When included as part of your regular pool maintenance program, it provides a form of insurance against the presence of algae and its associated cost remedies. You can swim immediately after its application however, swimming is not recommended when algae is present. If you have algae present; please see our Algae Treatment sheet below.

Please read all labels before adding any chemical to your pool, follow all safety instructions and consult a pool professional if you have any questions.

Algaecide 40% 1 L

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