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Windsor Pool Salt Bag

Windosr Pool Salt; A Smart, Safe, and Simple Product!

Make pool maintenance smart and easy: Windsor Pool Salt is simple to use, environmentally friendly and additive-free! This high-quality pool product is meant to be used with salt chlorinators. It’s a convenient, simple and safe way to disinfect water, producing high quality pool water with reduced maintenance. This high-purity pool product is fast dissolving and additive-free, thereby eliminating the need to handle and store hazardous chemical chlorine. Make this the best and safest season yet by using the right product for the right job.

Advantages of Using Windsor:

  • Eliminates handling hazardous chlorine
  • Causes less skin and eye irritation
  • Has no unpleasant chlorine smell
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Economical
  • We know Pools, Patio & Hot Tubs!