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Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

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 The Basics Of Hot Tub Maintenance


We are in the midst of hot tub season! Many hot tub owners are looking to warm up in the comfort of their spas during this cold, Canadian weather. If you are a hot tub owner that has been using their spa more regularly, you need to be mindful about the fact that heavy hot tub usage equals more consistent, thorough hot tub maintenance.

We don't want this to scare you or make you think that all of your time is to be spent cleansing and treating your spa. The truth is, hot tub maintenance is fairly simple and if done properly, you'll spend little time maintaining and more time soaking. We have put together a basic guide to get you comfortable with proper, regular hot tub maintenance.


hot tub maintenance guide



Did you know that the more you run your spa water, the more circulation there is and the cleaner your spa will be? If the water is constantly circulating, inorganic and organic contaminants have less time to settle and build up within your spa.

With regular circulation, your filters will in turn catch and trap more contaminants. It is very important to regularly clean and soak your spa filters because of this.

Spa Filter Cleaning

✔ Rinse your hot tub filters with warm water from your hose.

✔ Spray your filters with a professional filter cleaner to really penetrate the scum that has built up in them. Rinse the cleaner off your filters after you have thoroughly sprayed them.

✔ Soak your filters in a professional chemical cleaner on your drain and clean days. While your hot tub is being throughly cleansed, it is helpful to treat your filters to a dip in the chemical bath. After they are done soaking for the recommended dosage time, please rinse them off.

✔ Pay attention to the integrity of your filters. If you notice that they are looking worn or that after deep cleanings they still appear dirty, it is time for a filter replacement!




Weekly scrubbing of your hot tub's shell is super helpful in removing build up. Outdoor hot tubs are exposed to both organic and inorganic contaminants and therefore need a good scrubbing on a weekly basis.

We recommend using a soft sponge to wipe down your shell; and in and around any grooves, crannies, jets, etc. This will not only get rid of build up, but it will keep your spa looking, clean, fresh and new.

We are not saying that you should completely drain your spa every week to scrub it. Focusing on your spa's water line and jets is suitable for a weekly clean.

You should only drain your spa every 2-3 months (seasonally) for a thorough deep cleaning. When you do drain your spa, please refer to our how to properly draining and clean your spa guide.



 Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is vital to your hot tub's health; and yours. Your spa's water chemistry needs to be tested every week with a testing kit, test strips or with other professional testing products.

To keep things simple and direct, we are going to list the chemical levels that you need to test, why you need to test them and what range they need to be in.

✔ pH - Your pH range should be between 7.4 to 7.6. Balanced pH is important because a low pH will make your water acidic and a high pH will make your water "basic"/"alkaline". Acidic water can damage your spa and harm your eyes, skin and hair. Basic water can hinder your sanitizer's ability to properly work; often creating cloudy spa water and shell build up.

✔ Alkalinity - Your alkalinity level should be between 125 parts per million to 150 parts per million. High alkalinity can cause scaling, scum and cloudy water.

✔ Calcium Hardness - Your calcium level should be between 100 parts per million to 250 parts per million. If your calcium level is too low, your water will draw from other minerals (copper, aluminum, iron) which can result in equipment corrosion. If your calcium hardness level is too high, your water will cloud and your spa will have scale formation.

There are a few key chemicals that we recommend that you always keep on hand. These chemicals are needed for maintenance purposes, cleaning purposes and water balancing purposes.

 Chemical Checklist

✔ Sanitizer (Bromine, Chlorine)

✔ Shock

✔ ph Up (pH Increaser)

✔ pH Down (pH Decreaser)



 The "Whens" Of Hot Tub Maintenance

Regular hot tub maintenance is what is going to keep your spa in "tip top" shape. In addition, there are some hot tub maintenance practices that only need to be done monthly, seasonally and even annually. We have outlined the "whens" of hot tub maintenance for you below.

 Weekly Maintenance

✔  Keep an eye on your hot tub cover. Make sure it is secure and clean when your spa is not in use.

✔   Test your water chemistry at least twice a week.

✔  Wipe your hot tub with a sponge at least once a week; especially around the water line.

✔  Sanitize and shock your water at least once a week.

✔  Pull out your spa filter(s) and give it a thorough water rinsing.

 Monthly Maintenance

✔  Give your spa filter(s) a chemical bath.

✔  Clean your spa cover.

✔  Inspect your spa's lines and jets.

✔  Clean your hot tub's cabinet.

 Seasonal Maintenance

✔  Drain and thoroughly clean your spa. For help doing this, please refer to this guide.

✔  Give your spa filter(s) a chemical bath and soak.

✔  Flush and cleanse your lines to get rid of any biofilm that could have built up.

 Annual Maintenance

✔  Give your spa's hardware a once over and check for any damages.

✔  Call a service professional to double check that your spa is in good shape.



 At Your Service

Whether you are a hot tub rookie or a hot tub veteran, sometimes we all need a little help and assistance. Keep your hot tub running in peak performance this season with a little help from our service team.

We service all makes and models whether you're looking for general equipment service and repair, hot tub cover installation and removal, winterization, cleaning services and hot tub pad installations. Book one of our services today to repair, remodel, or refresh your hot tub. We welcome you to contact us anytime for advice and troubleshooting.

If you are super busy and know that your hot tub needs a little "TLC". Please contact us to book a "Hot Tub Buff N' Shine" Service.




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