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The Cranes

Hot Tub Gallery

Within the paradise created by the Crane family, you’ll find a spacious deck that provides access to the oval above ground pool, as well as the perfectly positioned Hot Spring Flair hot tub. In the Flair model you get seating for up to 5 adults with 41 jets scattered throughout the frame to provide each and every guest with a sense of unparalleled relaxation. Added benefits to this model include the Raio lighting system that elegantly projects 30 multi-rane

olour LED points of light throughout the spa, while the Vidro backlit waterfall dazzles the ears and the eyes.

What takes this hot tub set up to a new level, is the revolutionary Covana Automated Cover that provides turn key access to the spa on a moments notice. By simply turning the key, you can raise the Covana cover for easy access, and lower it when not in use. The optional privacy screen was added to provide an additional sense of seclusion.

  • Model: Flair
  • Size: 7’ x 7’ x 36”
  • Jets: 41
  • Features: Raio Lighting, Vidro Backlit Waterfall, Covana Oasis Cover with Privacy Screen

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