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The Sparagas

Inground Pool

Clean lines, soft water features, and the placement of this pool are all elements that bring this backyard dream to reality. The uniquely shaped pool was designed around the backyard space and meant to fit perfectly as the focal point in the backyard. The wall includes Three Sheer Descent Water Features which makes you feel like you are secluded in your own private resort. The cool Full Caribbean Grey liner colour is enhanced by the Vinyl Over Steel Steps and custom edges make this pool a seamless piece of art.

At Pioneer, know that we can make your escape exactly how you picture it whether it be a custom design, shape, water features, entrances or water colour. Make your backyard dream a reality and look forward to the many nights after work when you come home and want to escape.

  • Shape:
  • Size: 18' x 30' Modified Rectangle
  • Liner: Full Caribbean Grey
  • Features List: Sheer Descent, Vinyl Over Steps

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