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The Turks

Onground Pool

Talk about a setup! The Turk’s backyard is perhaps one of the most inviting spaces we’ve ever worked on. From the stunning Emerald Onground to its surrounding pristine decking system and dining area, this backyard is truly a Northern escape.

During chilly nights, you can find the Turks, and their guests, lounging on Adirondack chairs by the cozy fire pit. On a hot summer’s day, there is a lot of swimming and poolside lounging going on. The lush green landscape that surrounds the pool makes you feel as if you are at an exclusive spa resort, and the clock wall adds a decorative focal point as well as added privacy. The Brighton Full Print Vinyl Liner provides rich blue water that contrasts perfectly against the sandalwood coloured deck.

Every inch of this backyard has been thoughtfully planned. The Turk’s backyard was a delightful project to take on and is one we will always admire.

  • Shape: Emerald
  • Size: 13' x 24'
  • Liner: Brighton Full Print
  • Features List: Thermoplastic Steps

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