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E700 Fitness System

Endless Pools®-Endless Pools® Fitness Systems




  • 3Seats
  • 27Jets

The E700 Fitness System from Endless Pools will become your favourite place to hang out or work out. This incredible blend of form and function allows you to get a workout like nothing on the market with the Endless Pool swim machine unit that comes standard on this model. The powerful current provides a steady stream of water to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

With the underwater treadmill, you can create a workout haven right in your backyard that offers low impact, high-intensity training any time of the day (available on the 58” model). You can burn more calories without the constant impact from dry land training, and trust us, your joints will thank you.

The remarkable design and revolutionary function of the E700 are paired seamlessly in one elegant package that will become the focal point of your outdoor space. When you’re not working out, kick back and enjoy the incredibly therapeutic relief from the assortment of 27 hydrotherapy jets that target sore and tired muscles. The adjustable settings allow you to tailor your swim or work out whether you’re a beginner or a triathlete. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you can swim, run, exercise, or relax just a few steps away from your backdoor.


  • Hydrotherapy massage seating for 3
  • Endless Pool swim machine unit
  • 2 illuminated waterfalls
  • 20 multi-colour LED points of light
  • 3 satin stainless steel rails
  • LCD control panel
  • Optional music system with 8 speakers & subwoofer (Bluetooth enabled)
  • Optional swim tether and rowing kit
  • Optional covers and lifters
  • *Specs reflect the 58″ Swim & Treadmill model

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E700 Endless Pool Fitness System - Pioneer Family Pools


E700 Fitness System
Seating 3 Adults
Dimensions 204”L x 58” x 89”
Water Capacity 2,100 gallons/7,950 litres
Weight 3,480 lbs. (Dry)/22,745 lbs. (Filled)
Lighting System 20 Multi-Colour LED Points Of Light
Jet Details 1 Large Jet
2 Rotary Jets
2 Directional Jets
22 Mini Jets
Water Feature 2 Illuminated Waterfalls
Heater 4000w/230v
Circulation Pump High-Flow Circulation Pump
Ozone System UVC Ozone
Control System LCD Control Panel
Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel
 E700 Endless Pool Fitness System - Pioneer Family Pools  

Endless Pools - LCD Control Panel

Usse the elegant and innovative LCD control panel to manage all of your preferences. This digital interface offers push button technology that’s easy to use, and is conveniently placed poolside for easy access. Manage your water flow and temperature with the control panel that’s easily visible night or day.

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