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R220 RecSport Systems

Endless Pools®-R-Series




  • 9Seats
  • 31 Hydromassage JetsJets

Physical fitness is not the sole aspect of overall well-being. Taking care of oneself involves more than just physical activity. It encompasses spending quality time with family, dedicating time for personal relaxation and enjoyment, and engaging in recreational activities. The RecSport® Recreation Systems R200 is designed specifically for individuals seeking both the physical and non-physical advantages of water. Whether it’s having fun with your children, experiencing the comforting hydromassage jets, or engaging in a gentle workout with minimal impact, the R200 provides all these possibilities conveniently within the comfort of your own home.


The abundance of seating in the R220 makes it distinct from any other model we offer today, comfortably seating up to nine people in the relatively compact design. The new model features six unique bench-style seating options located on either side of the unit and three traditional bucket seats in the back of the unit.


With thoughtfully placed seating and the most jets of any of our current swim spa models, the R220 is perfect for connecting with friends and family and is sure to serve as a cornerstone for entertainment in your customer’s backyard. The optional Bluetooth® music system can be added to create the ultimate pool party experience.


  • Corner Seats (seats 2)
  • Bench Seating (seats 4)
  • Molded Seats (seats 3)
  • 12 ft L x 89 in W x 50 in H
  • 31 Hydromassage Jets
    (1 large, 2 rotary, 4 directional, 24 mini)
  • 230v/30amp
  • Optional Bluetooth® music system
  • Three airless swim jets are designed for aquatic workouts and are compatible with all exercise accessories, including the Swim Tether, Aquabike, and Resistance Bands
  • Sleek exterior cabinet, chrome corners, and T-Spacers. The aesthetic can be further enhanced with the LED lighting accessory package, which is available to order in either a 4-piece or 8-piece kit

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R220 RecSport Systems - Pioneer Family Pools


R220 RecSport Systems
Seating 9 Adults
Dimensions 12’ L x 89” W x 50” H
Water Capacity 1,080 Gallons
Weight 1,765 lbs. (Dry)
12,515 lbs. (Filled*)
Lighting System 15 Multi-Color LED Points of Light Exterior LED Lighting (optional)
Jet Details 31 Hydromassage Jets
Water Feature 1 Illuminated Waterfall
Heater 4000w/230v
Ozone System CD Ozone
Control System LCD Control Panel
60 Hz
Field Adjustable 230v/60amp
 R220 RecSport Systems - Pioneer Family Pools  

Endless Pools - LCD Control Panel

Usse the elegant and innovative LCD control panel to manage all of your preferences. This digital interface offers push button technology that’s easy to use, and is conveniently placed poolside for easy access. Manage your water flow and temperature with the control panel that’s easily visible night or day.

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